The Physician Assistant Mentors Association (PAMA) was formed to support Physician Assistant education. Despite the PA Profession growing year after year, it is still extremely difficult to gain acceptance into PA school.

Physician Assistant Shadowing was once just a bonus on an aspiring PA student resume, but it has become a necessity. However, it’s difficult for students to find a mentor.

The goal of PAMA is to create a community of Physician Assistants who are willing to pioneer the future of the PA profession by mentoring prospective Physician Assistants.

What Makes Our Pre-PA Students Stand Out?

By allowing a Pre PA student to shadow you, you are playing a vital role in the education of our future healthcare providers.

However, you and your healthcare institution will also benefit from hosting a Pre PA student because all of our Pre Physician Assistant students function as Patient Liaisons.

Benefits of PAMA-certified Pre-PAs

  • All Pre-PAs have cleared background checks
  • All Pre-PAs have been trained in HIPAA compliance
  • There is no cost
  • They reduce patient risk at your facility
  • They improve communication between your staff & patients
  • We provide a Quality Assurance Survey for your QA staff